About us

Kayinga Design is the creative business of me, Karyn Bradford. I began silk painting in 1991 and successfully ran the Forge Gallery and Kayinga Design in partnership with husband John until 2002 when I began working in the community development area as manager of our local community centre. My handpainted silk and wool textiles featured Australian flora and fauna and were sold through galleries and gift shops across Australia. Woolen shawls featuring Sturt’s Desert Pea, Golden Wattle and Gum blossom were purchased by the Prime Minister and Premier to present as gifts to visiting dignitaries

In 2012 my love of colour and design and the need for a creative outlet led me to a workshop in lampwork glass making with artist Pauline Delaney in Melbourne and I now confess that I am totally hooked on handmaking beads with the aid of a propane oxygen torch and rods of coloured glass. The possibilities are almost endless but each bead is unique and I enjoy not only the making of the beads but also the designing of the jewellery that they will become a part of.

 All of the beads are heated in a kiln after making to remove any temperature stresses that may have formed in the making of the bead to ensure that the beads are durable, not prone to cracking or breaking. However beads are still made of glass and so dropping, banging and hitting them is never a great idea.

In 2014 I took some local pottery classes with Pat Ingleton with the idea of mixing together pottery and glass in jewellery, homewares and garden art.  To tell the truth I have become quite passionate and thus this shop was born as an outlet for my creations, you can only give so many things to family and friends as gifts.

Many of my designs reflect the local landscapes and environments of the Lake Alexandrina and Coorong region which I love and am passionate about protecting.

Karyn incorporates a range of metals, other precious stones and pearls with her lampwork beads to create beautiful, one of a kind jewellery pieces that are the perfect special gift for yourself or friends and family.